This page lists some of my past or current projects which may have some use to others.


EpochX is a Genetic Programming framework written in Java. It is written with GP researchers in mind and makes it simple to analyse runs in real-time. It is designed inside-out to be easy to get started with but with maximum flexibility for modification and extension, to make it easy for you to carry out your own research, gathering whatever statistics are relevant and ignoring any that aren’t. It is available free under an open source (LGPL) licence.


WebCrate provides low cost web hosting packages with full php and mysql support, and detailed self control through a comprehensive control panel. Registration is online at


JHeatChart is a Java charting API with just one class dedicated to the generation of customisable heat map charts for use in Swing GUIs or exporting to file.


JEnigma is a Java implementation of the enigma encyption algorithm. Using the API it’s easy to set up a virtual enigma machine with any configuration of rotors, plugboard, ring, reflector etc. Or you can simply use the provided standard (Wehrmacht) implementation.


Crib is a Java GUI application for cracking monoalphabetic substitution ciphers (cryptograms) with word spacing. It is based upon an algorithm by G.W. Hart. I originally wrote Crib a number of years ago and it needs some tidying and TLC, but it might still be of interest.

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